About Bruket´s kreativa

Welcome! Here you can read about diffrent DIY-projects, Bruket´s interiors and garden and other things I find inspiring.

Please note that DIY descriptions on this page is copyrighted!

What´s Bruket?

I bought a old house built in 1927 a bit more then 3 years ago. The house used to belong to a factory which it´s located behind. This area have been called Bruket that is a word for factory in swedish for many, many years.

Why Kreativa?

Kreativa means as you probably figured out creative in english. I am a sloyd, art and swedish as second language teacher and I really love doing all kind of crafts and creative things with my hands. When we bought the house it was in big need of renovation. In the beginning of renovating we had help from carpenters to install pipes, water, electricity, cast concrete floor, install kitchen, doors and windows. The rest we have done and are doing ourself. We still have a lot of work a head of us and it takes some time but since we have a bathroom and kitchen we are not in a hurry any longer.

I love old furnitures and finding thrifted tresures and give them new life! I visit a lot of flea markets, second hand shops and auctions and luckly enough our house is big…. Some times the things I find needs upcycling, sometimes I build things myself. Anyhow it´s all about being creative.