DIY, Turquoise dark wax cabinet

I will start to write in both swedish an english here since some of my followers said they would like to read my posts in swedish to so I will start to post the same post x 2, one in english and one in swedish. For this project in swedish see next post!

DSC_0048Yesterday I won Annie Sloans competition on instagram with my dark waxed turquoise cabinet. Thank you so much, I feel very honored! I have gotten many questions about how I painted it so here it comes! Please excuse the bad quality on the first pics, I did not know back then that I was going to write a post about this. 


I really don´t like to repaint old furnitures that is in a good condition. However my cats have used it as a racing track, it had it´s torns when moving it many times and I managed to leave a flower pott that leaked on it so it had past my “don´t paint a old furniture in good condition
rule” a long time ago.DSC_0051

I actually started painting it with prime red, english yellow and barcelona orange. But it did not look at all like the picture in my head! Do you get visions of your projects and get annoyed when the project turns out different?

How I painted the cabinet

To get my final result you need the following material:

DSC_0053Annie Sloans chalkpaint in this colors:
Antibes Green
Annie Sloans wax both clear and dark!
Paint brush
Latex gloves, I use disposable ones

I repainted my failed attempt with Provence and Florence and added a little of English yellow on the ornaments. Waxed the cabinet with clear wax and then it looked like that for a year. You can see the light parts on the ornament details above.

One year later I decided that I wanted the cabinet to be more green so I painted some parts with Antibes green, I regreted that and painted those part again with some Florence, I did not wax this parts! Then it looked like this for a year or so. Some weeks ago I was so tired of the turquise colour and nearly repainted it in a totally diffrent colour. But decided to give it one more try so I painted the edges and some of the ornaments with a tin layer of Antibes green and then added dark wax to it.

If you want to do this paint your item like you use to with Provence and Florence and then treat the item with clear wax and let it dry! You wont need the English yellow since this is one of the colours I have painted over! Then add some more Florence after the clear wax have dried. When Florence have dried paint some tin layers of Antibes green on the edges or where you want it. Make sure all paint is dry before you finish your project with a coat of dark wax. Read the last part to learn how I added the wax.

How I added the wax!
The clear wax was all added with a brush, however I noticed after doing a lot more chalkpaint projects that I prefare to add wax with my hands using disposable latex gloves to protect my skin. Please note that the gloves will break from both the wax and the rubbing so you will need to have atleast 5-6 pairs for a bigger project.

So when adding the dark wax I use latex gloves and my hands. I start with quite thick layers on choosen parts, then I rubb this out with my fingers and then I use rags or in this case a old t-shirt to rub the wax out a bit more or less on different parts. This way I create thick and thin layers of wax on the cabinet and this gives the effect of very dark and not so dark parts.When the whole cabinet was waxed I took a new piece of cloth and just gently rubbed the surface and voila! Much better!


Some close up pics to show how it looks in different lights and what structure the paint have gotten from all the layers!



4 thoughts on “DIY, Turquoise dark wax cabinet

  1. Jo says:

    I love this so much! I’m keen to give it a go, so I came here to read your instructions after seeing your piece on Annie Sloan’s Instagram. Good tip about applying wax with gloved hands, I’ll try that too. Thank you


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